Sophie, Jack and Dad

Monday, December 3, 2007

Boat Ride!

Hi Babe, they had so much fun. Jack wanted to drive and Sophie loooooves fishing. It was adorable, I wish you could have seen your daughter. She takes after her Daddy!! We even saw an alligator. Made me a bit nervous, to be honest. Dad caught one fish, a ...mangrove snapper. Can not believe I remember the name of it. We threw it back though, a little small. It fell of the hook on my lap though...and I started screaming like a girl. Everybody laughed at me :) We had a fun time. Love and miss you.

M xx

Day at the Pool

We have fish for children!! Jack is so funny...when I go to put his bathing suit on, he gets very excited because he knows what it means. He bounces up and down, and claps his hands. Sophie runs around the house screaming for her bathing suit. I tried to take a good picture of them for our Christmas card...this is what I got!! Funny...not card material, sadly. We love you, baby!!

M, S and J

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy First Birthday Jack!!


Your little boy is one year old!! I can not believe has been a big year for us.

I brought Jack downstairs to the house being decorated with balloons and streamers, he loved the balloons!! The toys he could take or leave. His little party was nice, my parents were there, my granddad, Mike, Shannon and the girls, and Funmi and Alyssa. Sophie and Jack went through multiple outfits. They both threw up...and they were both SO tired! All and all a good day!! Again, you were missed. Thank you for calling, I know you worked so hard to get through. It was worth it!! I love you darling.

M xxx

Turkey Day...a little late.

Hey Babe! It was so great of you to call us on Thanksgiving. I loved talking to you. Here are some pictures of the kids from the day. We sure missed you. I love you.



Monday, November 12, 2007


Hi!! Again, it was so so wonderful to hear your voice yesterday. You motivated me. I have gotten off my depressed butt and hung a door. I couldn't find the new hinges that we bought, so I just used the current...small problem. The doors that were here, have these little grooves where the hinges fit, the new ones that we bought don't. Meaning, the doors don't quite shut all the way. No big deal, unless you really want to shut a door...I mean what is it really there for anyway, why would anyone want to SHUT it! It's okay, I will leave it for you to fix when you get home!! He!

Kids are good, Sophie is sleepy which is freaking me out a bit about her head. She slept in today, and then took a three hour nap. Jack on the other hand is PISSY! He has got to be teething, and won't sleep, won't eat and just yells at me. I had him in my arms almost the entire day. Anytime I would go to put him down he would scream! This has resulted in my soar back. What a moose.

I love you and miss you, baby!!



Thursday, November 8, 2007

Long time...

Hi Baby,

We haven't heard from you in a have a pile of stuff to read and catch up on with us, so I won't give you to much more. Just a few pictures. I cut Sophie's hair...she looks so cute! And the other is of what I did in the kitchen. I think I am going to paint the green...dunno. Maybe I will wait for you.

I love you and I miss you like crazy.



Sunday, November 4, 2007

Saint Milly

Hi! We miss you. Today was Sunday and I was brave and ventured to church with S and J. They were quite well behaved, considering. Sophia knows almost the entire Our Father, by the way. She is a genius. The guy sitting next to me was a retired Marine. Jack really liked him. We got to talking, and he was really nice. He smelled like an ashtray and the bottom of a bottle of gin though. Eek. He said his son was about Jack's age when he came home from the gulf...and that it totally sucked. He works on base still..his name is Mike, don't remember last. Very well dressed though...nice shoes. Hmmm. What else. Jack is doing really well starting to walk. He stands up on his own a lot, and took a step today. Just one...and then he plops on his dupa. He is so damn sweet. Oh, we developed your pix. They are awesome!! It would help if you were here to explain some of them...but it was really neat to see. Sophie and I sat on the computer after her bath tonight and looked through old photos, that seems to really help her deal with missing you. She will see a picture of you holding her when she was a baby and she gets so excited! It's just darling. She is sleeping in her own bed again...doing great with it actually. Me, not so much. I don't think I have slept in three nights...the bed is just to empty and I am too lonely. I am really missing you today. I hope you had a good day. We love you.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Our Children...Our Life

The kids blew me away today. I am just so proud of them. Just when I think I can not love them anymore...I do.

I took them to Mike and Shannon's today because I had to work. Sophie was so excited to see her cousins...she practically kicked me out the door. Jack was, of course, happy because the puppy was there. I think 'Doggie' is his first real work, minus mama and dada. He is so smart, and I didn't realize. Since he is not walking, I imagine him less developed than he is. That is far from the truth. He is getting a sense of humor, and his words are just on the tip of his tongue. He is beginning to play more on his own...he needs his space some days, others he wants to be close to his mama. He giggles with Sophie all the time, and they are playing together more and more. He will pull her in the little wagon, or push her in the little shopping cart...he is such a moose!! She will kiss him, and he smiles so big! It is adorable. She always takes his socks off, and she just laughs at him. She will take care of him too though, try and put his shoes on...make sure he doesn't eat paper, or give him food. She will always share with him whatever she is eating...even chocolate...which she LOVES!! She hid her halloween candy in her bed!! I could tell that she spent the day with your brother...she 'yes sir'd' me all night!! It was cute, and just made me miss you.

Tonight at dinner, Jack was trying to use his fork. He would pick up his little piece of chicken nugget, and put it on his fork and then try to put it in his mouth. He actually did quite well!! I couldn't believe, I just didn't think he was there yet. And when he did it, he was so proud of himself...clapping and smiling! And digging right in again. I would help him, and he was so sweet...just smiling at me while I helped him. He did great.

Sophie was eating a popsicle for dessert, she did great too. Didn't drip any of it!! What a pro! She is drinking very well out of a cup too...we got it on video to show you. I think she likes it! Still only at the table though.

After baths, I was standing in the kitchen...Jack crawled up to me and pulled himself up on my legs. He then let go and looked up at me. He was standing there for at least ten second...on his own!!! And then he took one step, stopped and looked up at me again. He then put his arms up and grunted...translation, pick me up!!

I received your package today. You continue to surprise me. A poem. Not only a poem, a beautiful poem. You are the most wonderful man in the world. I can not wait until you come home. I love you. Thank you for being my husband.



Thursday, November 1, 2007


Two things today. One. I made it half way home from work before I realized that I had forgot to pick up the kids from school/Betty's house. What was I thinking? No idea. I don't even remember driving, I just kind of woke up on Belgrade/Swansboro and realized the car was very quiet. Hmmm. Oh Crap.

Two. We come home, and I decide to take the kids for a walk. We are...walking. And, Sophie says to Jack, "OH NO JACK! YOU HAVE A BOOGER. IT'S OKAY, I'LL GET IT" And then she reaches over, gets it, and wipes it on her pants. I thought I was going to pee mine. Neither one of them skipped a beat. That is love.

We love you.


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Morning at the Beach

Hi J!

Hope you are having a good day and all went well on your patrol last night. I hate when you say you will email and then don't. I understand stuff comes up, it just worries me. I am in the office today, but I thought I would post pictures from Sunday morning when we went to the beach with maz. It was chilly but really nice. Sophie kept wanting her bathing suit. Jack would have crawled right in the waves if I let him. It reminded me a bit of when we were in Sanibel with my Mom and Dad. Windy, cold, awesome. The waves were crazy, and there were a bunch of people surfing...can we try to do that when you come home? I really want to learn...I may be too clumsy, but I want to try. I love you, and I miss you. The first month was hard, but it is still hard. I don't remember who told me that it gets easier, I miss you just as much today if not more, than the moment you left. Part of me is missing, but no bumper sticker to announce it to some random truck driver sitting behind me. Oh, all the girls were told to take those off their issue! Ha, it made me laugh. I think the "my man is a us marine" one is still okay :)

I love you, baby. I am going to send you some CD's. Your, M xx

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fall Festival

Happy Saturday Darling,

I wonder if you are getting much of a weekend. We took the kids to this fall festival at the elementary school last last. yeesh. complete chaos. Sophia had fun...played some games, ate a lot of sugar! I thought Marissa might kill me for taking her there, but she handled it all wonderfully. Sophia had an accident on Holly...luckily Holly had an extra sweatshirt in her car. Jack was entertained...just looking around. I had a throbbing headache by the time we got back home. Probably better off you missed that one! I did see one of the moms from MOPS, which was nice. Her husband is still in Iraq...until Feb. It was comforting to talk to her.

It's great to have Marissa here. Saturday morning got back a bit of it's charm today...big breakfast, pecan flavored coffee...leisure. Enjoyment of the weekend. The kids are really taking to her...especially Jack. We are in trouble. He gives her this crooked, very large, ladies man smile...kind of like his daddy.

I have lots of business to catch you up on...tree removal, tires on my car...but I will send you an email. The crap is never ending.

The picture is of Sophia's first tattoo! She hated it...made sure it was scrubbed completely off in the bathtub. Another is of her going up the slide. She was a bit apprehensive, and this sweet girl held her hand and helped her up. Precious. Jack ate and ate and ate.

Six weeks down now...I try not to think about time, it makes it go slower. I love you and hope you are having a good day!!

M xx

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Maria and Chalie's Wedding

Hi John, I thought you would like to see some pictures from their wedding. I sent you all the one's that Sarah took...but these are some of mine. It really was so nice. Maria was absolutely stunning and Charlie was crying like a baby!! Guess where they are going on their honeymoon?! Greece!! For two weeks! Cool huh? Maybe a 5 or 10 year anniversary?

Soup was there, and Brian Liebman with his wife Liz...I think you met both of them and Ted (the big guy who was really nice to me when I lived in Holland) plus a bunch of other people I have not seen in years. My roommates from college and after were there too...I am glad that part of my life is over. They were just so...catty. bitchy. There is so much more to life than what they are experiencing...I almost feel bad. Minus Sarah, it was great to talk to and hang our with her. She is a riot. I had a lot of fun with her and Jay. They are talking about coming down for a visit after the holidays, hoping very much that they do. They send you lots of well wishes and prayers!! I really wish that her and Marissa and I could all still be friends. There is a thing between them still...wish all could just lay. Oh well.

I wish I could have taken a few late night pictures from the Casino...the characters that were in that place!!! Sarah and I got gigantic prime rib sandwiches and went back to our room...leaving Jay playing blackjack. There was thug life, man. The bling in that place made my head hurt!!! I so wish you could have been there...I know I keep saying that, but it's true. I wish you could be sitting right here next to me in my office right now. Or in my pocket!! Okay, I will catch you up on the kids soon. Enough for now. I love you!!!

Ha ha, I just looked through all the pictures...and we took a 'DHays' picture, I have to send it to him!! There are also some of Maria dancing with her Dad. It was so sweet. He is in his 70's and shorter than she!! Their first dance was a Salsa! Awesome!! Hope you like :)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

What I love about Sundays...

Hey Babe!

We took a bunch of pictures for you today. First church, then breakfast, and then a bit of a walk around the yard. It is a really nice day. We are now at Selina's for some dinner. The kids took an awesome nap!! I hope your day goes well and I can not wait to see your pictures! We love you!!!