Sophie, Jack and Dad

Monday, November 12, 2007


Hi!! Again, it was so so wonderful to hear your voice yesterday. You motivated me. I have gotten off my depressed butt and hung a door. I couldn't find the new hinges that we bought, so I just used the current...small problem. The doors that were here, have these little grooves where the hinges fit, the new ones that we bought don't. Meaning, the doors don't quite shut all the way. No big deal, unless you really want to shut a door...I mean what is it really there for anyway, why would anyone want to SHUT it! It's okay, I will leave it for you to fix when you get home!! He!

Kids are good, Sophie is sleepy which is freaking me out a bit about her head. She slept in today, and then took a three hour nap. Jack on the other hand is PISSY! He has got to be teething, and won't sleep, won't eat and just yells at me. I had him in my arms almost the entire day. Anytime I would go to put him down he would scream! This has resulted in my soar back. What a moose.

I love you and miss you, baby!!