Sophie, Jack and Dad

Monday, October 1, 2007

Good Morning!

Hi John!

Thank you for your email. Man candy, huh? Yummy. Might have to pull that green shirt out when you get home. I will send you whatever you need...if you need me to go to the man candy store and seek assistance, I am more than happy.

Yeah, the trip home was not good. We started off tired. They had missed their afternoon nap. I, in my brilliance, thought that would be a good thing because they would be tired and sleep. No. Not at all. Well, we stop after about an hour and I take Sophie to the potty, after having woke her up...which is never good. So she is being held over the not so clean public potty at Bojangles somewhere in SC and I am holding the baby. The baby throws up all over her head. It is dripping down her face and she starts screaming at the top of her lungs. I take her out to the sink which is too high for her to reach herself and just when I think that she can't scream louder...I am surprised as I dump the water over her head. Of course, there are no papertowels...only those stupid hand dryer things. I don't care if they are good for the freaking environment, there should be papertowels!! We get back in the car, I change all the pukey clothes off of me and Jack and Sophie. Then I go through the drive through and order some grub for dinner. Well, they forget half of it so I have to go inside...quickly. It was not good.

The DVD's were of little help...and of course one would be sleeping and the other crying...which in turn would wake the other...and vice versa for most of the remainder. There was a nice hour in there that was pleasant. During that nice hour, I missed the turn off from 95 and ended up in stupid Fayetteville. Damn Army. So I had to cut all the way across 24 from there...I don't know how much longer it added. We got in about 12:30 and then I had to convince them both that it was not party time. Jack slept until after 7, and Sophie until 8. I am so happy to be home and never want to see the car again. Also, I do not want to go down there now and clean it out. Scary.

The rest of the wedding was nice. The reception was at this really pretty open building...I missed you. I missed dancing. I took video of it, so I will send you. I feel like a big geek with the video camera all the time. You better appreciate it!!! At least, it will make you laugh at my lack of ability with it. You will get sea sick looking at what I have captured.

It was very nice to see your parents, Sophie really loves them!! We went to the zoo with your Dad, I think I told you that. He bought the kids two little animals...Sophie has taken Jack's as her own, she got a panda bear and Jack a lion. Your Dad thought the lion fitting for him!! So true! He of course spoiled us all throughout the weekend.

Jack is sleeping now, and I am half dead on the couch. Sophie is watching cartoons. I think I may venture down to the car. I look forward to your call. I love you, baby.

M xx