Sophie, Jack and Dad

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Lazy Day

Today was lazy...but very productive. The baby is getting brave, standing more on his own and letting go, maybe we are getting close to taking a step! Sophie was good, she took her nap in our bed. The picture is there of her asleep on our pillows. Nice pillows though. I am in the middle of making a real dinner. I think the first since you left. Cut up a bunch of fresh veggies and cooking some chicken....with couscous! your favorite, no garbonzo beans.

Shannon took us to drop the car, and we squeezed into her car. Sophia was quite happy in the middle between M and P. We strapped Jack's carseat in the back of the jeep, facing backwards...reminded me of you and the story you told me when you were a kid. He fell right asleep.

While Sophia was napping, Jack would not even think about. I sure wanted one, so I layed down on the couch and he played. He played on his own for almost two hours. He would come hug on me and kiss me every now and then. So sweet. He is such a lover!!Right now he is mad at me because he wants the laptop. I think he is almost ready for another haircut. Sophie has swiped his bottle of juice yet again, I am going to call her swiper!

We were too tired (read as I was tired) for our walk today. Plus it was rainy and muggy...and hot. yuck.

We love you! I wish you would send me more emails.

M xx