Sophie, Jack and Dad

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Morning at the Beach

Hi J!

Hope you are having a good day and all went well on your patrol last night. I hate when you say you will email and then don't. I understand stuff comes up, it just worries me. I am in the office today, but I thought I would post pictures from Sunday morning when we went to the beach with maz. It was chilly but really nice. Sophie kept wanting her bathing suit. Jack would have crawled right in the waves if I let him. It reminded me a bit of when we were in Sanibel with my Mom and Dad. Windy, cold, awesome. The waves were crazy, and there were a bunch of people surfing...can we try to do that when you come home? I really want to learn...I may be too clumsy, but I want to try. I love you, and I miss you. The first month was hard, but it is still hard. I don't remember who told me that it gets easier, I miss you just as much today if not more, than the moment you left. Part of me is missing, but no bumper sticker to announce it to some random truck driver sitting behind me. Oh, all the girls were told to take those off their issue! Ha, it made me laugh. I think the "my man is a us marine" one is still okay :)

I love you, baby. I am going to send you some CD's. Your, M xx