Sophie, Jack and Dad

Monday, September 17, 2007

Day one sucks!!

Hi Baby,

I am not even sure if it is day one, maybe today is day zero...regardless, it's lousy. Seeing you get on the bus wasn't bad...but coming home, knowing you wouldn't be here for such a long time, was hard. It was great that you called, after we hung up Sophie was mad. She had wanted to talk to you. She said, "Was that Daddy?" and I said yes. And then she looked at me, with her eye brows pursed together and said. "I wanted to talk to him!" It was damn cute.

I am doing laundry. Seeing your dirty laundry was another toughie. Not cause your clothes are so stinky :) But, just having your things here...and you not. Shannon called to check on me, and your parents had called my cell phone this morning. I called your Dad back and he told me to call if I needed anything. We are okay, just missing you. I hope your trip is going okay and that your guys are doing fine. I can not wait to hear your voice again. I love you.

M xx