Sophie, Jack and Dad

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

First Day of School

Hi Darling,

We miss you. More everyday I think. Just when I think I can not miss you anymore, I do. The kids had a good day yesterday. Jack was full of it. He bit me so hard!! He and Sophie were playing at the bottom of the steps, and he was climbing up on the first one like he has been. And she thought it was so funny, so she kept telling him to come higher. "Come on, baby" she would say, and he would follow her up the stairs and they were both dying laughing. It was cute. So, he climbed all the way to the top. Later, I was in the kitchen and had blocked off the stairs with the ottoman, and I hear them laughing....upstairs!!! He had pushed the ottoman to the side, leaving himself about 6 inches to sneak though and was on the top of the stairs with Sophie saying, "Come on, baby!" I about had a heart attack. He is a climber!! Today he had temper tantrums all morning before we left for school/work. He got so mad when I put him down, he threw himself on the ground and started screaming. It was funny, I just laughed at him and that made him so much madder!! He did not want to put his clothes on, he didn't want his diaper changed, just generally in a foul mood. Sophie just stared at him, and asked me what was wrong with the Baby.

Jack seemed to like Betty, the lady who is watching him now. She is really nice and her house is super clean!! She has another Jack who is about 18 months old. So our Jack has a playmate. He went right to her and didn't cry when I left. Also, Betty has a dog which he will love!! She is super sweet and totally doting though, he is going to be soiled!! I don't mind :)

Sophie was so excited about school today. I took her picture so you could see how cute she looked on her first day with her backpack and lunch box. She jumped out of the car when we got there, and went running for the door. When we walked in, she started playing with the toys and the kids...didn't even notice me. I tried to say bye to her, and she was way too busy. I was so sad when I left, she is just so grown up!!! I think it will be really great for her though. They were praying before their meal, and the ladies were really nice. I like the whole "christian" aspect of the school. I heard one lady disciplining a little boy for hitting and it was good the way she did it, saying how they needed to be nice people etc. It was good.

I am really missing them today though. I am very happy with where they both are, but now it's just hard to be without them. I am lonely. I miss our family all being together. I know that is not what you need to hear, but it is true. We are of course thinking of you, and being strong for you...but, we do miss you. I hope you are doing okay, and settling in to things. We can not wait to hear from you again. I thought of you last night, and I tried to imagine what you were doing at that very moment.

I love you, and miss you. xx