Sophie, Jack and Dad

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wild and Crazy Saturday Night

Hey Baby,

I hope you are doing okay. I am still upset I missed your call yesterday. Worked again today. Carly watched the kids. They all did okay. Jack really likes her and Sophie of course was running around like a wild woman. She slept in our bed last night. She really misses you. We have been watching your video. Her favorite story is the poopie one.

Oh, guess what I found at the bottom of Sophie's laundry basket today? Your lock! I think I know who the culprit was. And I am glad we didn't spend anymore time looking for it. We would have NEVER found it there! Sticky finger peanut.

So, I had my first showing today. It went okay, they said they need to get things in order with their finances on monday and that they wanted to make an offer this week. We'll see. That would be awesome though. It's 199k, so I would make like 2k...that would be nice. Then I had a lady walk in who wanted to see a couple houses in town. She is half serious I think, so mostly a waste of time I suppose.

When I got home, the kids and I went to the commissary. I have had better trips, but not bad. The baby was pretty good, but it was raining on the way in and we got wet and then it was freezing inside. Sophie was wining about being cold and kept asking me to warm her up. It was kind of cute, but she was tired. She wouldn't take a nap for Carly. We came home and had dinner, Jack ate almost a whole bowl of ravioli and then some nilla wafers. He is such a chow hound lately. And Betty said the same. After the kids went to sleep I cleaned up, put together the new twin umbrella stroller, and ate some leftover pizza for dinner while watching the end of Brokeback Mountain. It is actually a really sad movie. Ah well, you do not care. But it had a been a while since I put things together myself....before I met you I suppose. Remember when I got that air conditioner for First Street, and I asked you to help me put it in? I loved having you there to ask for help. And all this time later, now I have to pony up and do it myself again. Damn you. You have spoiled me. Maybe when you come back, it will be like it was that night you put my air conditioner in.

So now, off to bed. It was a wild and crazy Saturday, indeed? Not really. We are all missing you so very much. I think I look forward to the bedtime video more than anyone. I love seeing your smile when you read the pigeon book. "No way pigeon!" You are so damn cute. I hate to say it, but it's a little bit easier now. The shock of you not being here is gone, now I am more worried about you and what you are doing. One week down though. and 27 to go. Not bad really. I think I will be counting weeks rather than days. A lot less of them. I miss you like crazy, and I physically ache for you to hold my the way we always go to hold each other's hand...i imagine you are reaching out for me too. I hope. Well, I almost made it one day without any tears. I love you so much. This is so fucking hard. Please be safe and take care of yourself. Sophie and I said a prayer for you tonight. I figure it's about time she learn to pray before bed. Your little girl has her guardian angel watching out for you. I love you. I miss you. M xx